About Me

Hi there! Since I cannot say my name I’ll just tell you my interests and other stuff. Some of my main interests are drawing, animating, watching cartoons/anime, baking, reading, being outside, and playing electronic games. My main goal in life is to work at Disney studios (seems quite far-fetched, but whatever), as an animator or storyboard artist.

I remember learning about cells, genetics, human organs, space, matter, earth, earth’s layers, measuring different objects, robotics/engineering, weather/climate, the periodic table of elements, electricity, and light. There is probably more and I just don’t recall the rest.¬†One of my favorite scientific experiences was in 8th grade when I went on a field trip to Hess creek to study the life and how healthy the creek was. I had a lot of fun because it was a hands-on experience. I learned how to tell if a river/creek is healthy or not and what kind of critters live in it.

Some scientific topics I’m curious to learn about more is astronomy and genetics. I am just fascinated about genetics and how unique they are to each individual. Space, stars, and astronomy is really interesting to learn about because I really love space and how aesthetically pleasing it is. Also because there is so much to learn about it.